Our Products

Akina - My Family Height 27cm

Mother & Child Abstract Height 15cm

Msako Moment of Truth Height 23cm

Tayari Height 27cm

Amwisha Height 21cm

The Dancing Masai Height 36.5cm

Angalia, Watchful Warrior Height 33cm

Lady standing with circle hand Height 30cm

Utoto Mapenzi Height 23cm

Binti cherished daughter Height 32cm

Jinaki Tume Height 15cm

Kikora Height 20cm

Kucha Early in the morning Height 25.5cm

Launi-Pendo--Walking in Love Height 31cm

Giraffe Vase Height 40cm

Akilah Elephant with baby Height 29cm

Rhino with baby Height 18cm

African Lover Abstract Height 30cm

Ayubu Child Sitting Height 14cm

Chajio Suppers Over Height 12cm

Cheetah Running Height 18cm

Chezo Mata - The game I play Height 14cm

Double Sitting Abstract Height 15cm

Fuma Chance Encounter Height 12cm

Giraffe with Baby Height 45cm

Hippo with baby Height 17cm

Kesho Morani Height 27cm

Mathiani Inquisitive Height 12cm

Mlazi in Loving Arms Height 22cm

Moja Strong Together Height 34cm

Mother and Child Abstract Height 30cm

Rhino Vase Height 27cm

Turkana Warrior Height 35cm

Zebra Vase Height 30cm

Big 5 Pewter Desk Set

Jana Mtani Height 15cm

Karama - Engai's Blessing Height 35cm

Single sitting - Abstract Height 15cm

Warthog Kneeling Height 12.5cm

Warthog Height 14cm

Warthog Sitting Height 15cm

Tefudakika Height 15cm

Raha Mulalo Height 15.5cm

Abstract Warrior Height 30cm

Nina Busu Height 26cm

Ushairi Height 26cm

Cheetah Lying Height 8cm

Cheetah Sitting Height 21cm

Aminah Height 26 cm

Chaniya Height 37.5 cm

Kipusa Height 24 cm

Kwachu Height 22 cm

Mwana Height 32 cm

Noni Height 29 cm

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