Our Products

Glass Paperweights

Set of 6 Frosted Red Wine Glasses

Kudu Water Jug

Set of 6 Brandy Glasses

Glass Penholders

Elephant Wine Cooler with Tongs

Elephant Ice Bucket

Set of 6 Napkin Holders large

Set of 6 large Red Wine Glasses

Crystal Ships Decanters

Beer Mugs Large

Beer Mugs Small

Set of 6 Napkin Holders small

Set of 6 small Red Wine Glasses

Set of 6 Water Glasses

Set of 6 Whisky Glasses

Set of 6 Wooden Napkin Holders

Set of Big 5 Collectibles

Set of Big 5 Shot Glasses in Wooden Box

Set of Cocktail Glasses

Stainless Steel Elephant Wine Cooler

Wooden Penholders

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