Cold Cast Brass Sculptures

“Cold-Casting” is a term used to describe the process of mixing real brass metal powder with a resin and applying the mixture into a mould. The finished casting gives the appearance and weight of solid brass metal. Every part of the process requires judgement and skill on behalf of the artisan that can only be gained through years of experience. The master moulds are sculpted by some of our excellent local artists who apply all the intricate details to a clay model before it is then casted.

Unlike most of the cheaper “cast brass” figurines found on the market today, the Rupas cast brass range contains real brass powder and is not just made of resin, as a result they are cold to touch and cannot be scratched or tarnished and are very durable.

In recent years no other supplier has come close to the quality and detail with which the Rupas Cold Cast Brass pieces are made.

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